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Book One
In 1863, the famous Alice Liddell disappeared for 3 days.
A library fire awakens a mysterious shadow and separates the sisters Emma and Elaine.
Emma accidentally turns a witch into a purse in the land of Oz. Elaine meets representatives of the mysterious organization Calliope.
Warrick, the current Witch of the West, interrupts a loud history lesson. Elaine meets a card soldier.
Emma and her traveling companions rescue the Scarecrow and learn that poppy fields are more dangerous in Oz than ever.
Emma and Warrick meet. Emma comes face to face with ghosts in a shrine made for the past Dorothies who have visited Oz. The poppies claim Warrick as a victim. He gets better.
Book Two
Alice Liddell argues with one sister and loses another to the Queen of Hearts.
Elaine and Ben name the card soldier Fred. Friends and foes move to study the magic Emma left behind when she opened a portal to Oz.
Warrick tells Emma and company about all the times he died, and about that one time where he magically removed his heart.
Jinjur’s army falls prey to the vines that cover Emerald CIty. Emma meets a spirit guarding a vorpal sword in her own mind.
Our heroes enter Emerald City to save the princess Ozma with the help of the spirit, unknowingly bringing with them a very hungry shadow.
Emma strikes a deal with the spirit, and traps the hungry shadow in vines. Intermission (Book 3) - In 1876, Alice Liddell joins Calliope thanks to the guidance of Lewis Carroll.
Book Three
In 1876, Alice Liddell joins Calliope thanks to the guidance of Lewis Carroll.
After the battle, Ozma is found thanks to Emma. We learn about Jellia Jamb, a palace maid present since the first Dorothy visited. Warrick and Selva mend their fractured bond.
Emma returns to earth, straight into the hands of the Rippers, while Alice, Jack and Wendy investigate.
We learn more about Calliope and the Rippers, and meet Emma and Elaine’s dad.
Back in Oz, Warrick deals with the limitations of his curse, and is haunted by his desire to see Emma again.
The Rippers and the Calliope Crew fight over the sisters. Alice shows off her Cheshire half. Elaine uses her writer powers consciously for the first time.
Book Four
Alice Liddell thrives at Calliope. We meet the director of Calliope in the late 1800’s - Thumbelina.
With her powers unsealed, Emma is taken to the Rippers’ hideout for “repairs”. Several Rippers, such as her dad and the one called Nose, have a more complex past with her than she can recall.
The Calliope team escape their Ripper prison thanks to a djinn, and then immediately loot the Ripper hideout. The spirit is revealed to be… the REAL Emma Crewe.
Disturbed by the reveal that she is a person created magically to be the Skeleton Key, Emma confronts her father, reunites with Elaine, and drags the whole crew back to Oz.
In Oz, the sisters take stock of their situation. Warrick and Selva join Calliope.
Training begins at Calliope. Emma, Elaine, Warrick and Selva learn more about their respective powers from astute new colleagues.
Book Five
Alice Liddell fights with L. Frank Baum over creative rights. Thankfully, a cheshire cat is here to help.
Bird escapes the Rippers with an important item to find and save Nose. Other powerful Rippers join her cause.
The Crewe sisters are getting comfortable at Calliope, but Calliope leaders are still unsure about letting Emma walk around freely with that much power. Wendy proposes a test.
Emma, Wendy, Warrick and others go to a coronation party in Thumbelina’s small realm. Some romantic stuff happens. Some dangerous stuff too.
Emma has a chat around tea with the ghost of Warrick’s mom, Adora Chopper, a previous attempt at a Skeleton Key.
Book Six
Alice Liddell fights her sister Ina, who has turned into a shadow. Nobody wins.
The Crew returns after the ruined coronation. Unfortunately, the Calliope they return to is under attack.
Calliope collectively fights a shadow. They win thanks to Emma and Elaine’s fire power.
As Calliope cleans up after the recent shadow attack, Jack opens up about his lost wife to Warrick.
Jack’s story continues. Warrick learns what happens to a world when it is eaten by a shadow. Warrick also finds his missing heart.
Book Seven
In the early 1990’s, Emma’s mom makes a deal with the leader of the Rippers, One.
A recap of Namesake as we enter book 7.
Emma manages to find a memory her mother left behind in the “source code” of her powers. One shows up for a parley with Calliope’s council.
Emma and Ina finally speak as equals, which prompt’s Calliope’s council to put a sleeping spell on Emma. Elaine, with Emma’s friends, escapes into the woods bordering Calliope. The Spirit is finally freed.
Elaine and friends plan to get Emma back. Wendy opens up to Travis about her traumatic Namesake voyage. Ina decides to take over Calliope. Warrick turns wicked again, in the absence of his heart.
Ina and One’s shadow selves spiral out of control. Emma is awoken by Ben, and immediately locks into combat with the sprawling shadows cast over Calliope. Emma and Warrick trade hearts and powers.
Book Eight
Alice Liddell, in the distant past, meets with an Emma from an abandoned timeline, revealing that the universe only has 7 chances to be spared armageddon.
Emma and Warrick proceed with their new powers with caution, and accidentally land in Mo, near Oz. There, they meet Emily Gale, and make vorpal clothing on her orders.
Emily Gale opens up about her relationship with One when he wore the mask of Henry Gale
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