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Calliope Handbook: Namesakes - Page 1
Posted September 12, 2013 at 12:00 am
Welcome to the Calliope Handbook! This is your guide to our centuries-old organization. We hope you enjoy these pages on Namesakes and do take the time to actually read the disclaimers and sign all the necessary waivers at the beginning of the book. And the HR department would kindly ask that you sign in blue or black ink, as blood can get quite messy, and fairy dust is invisible to most humans.

(Curator's note: Upon the publication of the final excerpt from this handbook, a PDF will be available for all to peruse.)

(Curator's note no. 2: The curation staff would like to thank the language experts who helped correct the errors in translation - aka In Design loves to troll you and pastes Arabic and Hebrew in from the opposite way it's supposed to be read. A corrected version with a better German translation and corrected Hebrew is up, we'll have a corrected Arabic version up later today.)