My own power
Posted October 3, 2020 at 12:00 am

Hey folks! Here is a summary as to what is currently going on, because webcomic time can be the worst.

Basically, Hyde grabbed all the shadows that were around to make a big, dark group of showers. But, instead of eating the world, they got distracted and started fighting - primarily by the people with power hanging out in the void.

Emma took her heart out to make it into a sword, because the less human a key is, the more functional it is. For example, see where Peter Pan removed his memories.

Emma is, in essence, now in the same weight class as a shadow. However, as established by Adora in chapter 25, fighting a a shadow leads to pieces breaking off and being lost.

In these two pages, the shadows are trying to take a chunk of Warrick's sword/heart. This caused him to basically stop working. Emma, who refuses to lose this piece, sacrifices some of her internal archive to save Warrick.

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