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Alice vs. Vanessa
Posted June 23, 2015 at 12:00 am
Hey folks!

Meg, Isa and several Valor contributors are lending their talents to "The Secret Loves of Geek Girls" anthology. Please consider backing this!

Here’s the Valor contributors that are participating:

Megan Lavey-Heaton: “How Fanfic From an American Girl Captured an English Boy,” a nonfiction essay on how a fanfic review from an English university student turned into an international marriage that includes anime conventions, heart surgery, a blizzard and a jealous cat. And we’re living happily ever after (as long as the cat doesn’t murder us). Isa will be providing illustrations!

Laura Neubert: They Bury You in White - In this comic Neubert deals with the fears and anxieties around relationships and marriage: happily ever after doesn’t mean the end of the story.

Megan Kearney: “Dibs on the Goblin King” A comic on teens and gothic romance bad boys.

Meaghan Carter: A comic on first dates.
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Dragon*Con | Sept. 3-6, 2021
Meg, with Misha of Alice and the Nightmare!