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What little you know
Posted May 10, 2011 at 12:00 am
We come bearing good news! We're fairly close to announcing Namesake's first con appearance. As part of it, we're developing a 32-page comic that contains the prologue and chapter 1 with redone colors and re-edited text to match the current style. It will have its own special cover and two pages of extras. While this comic is targeted for the con market as an introduction to the series, we are planning to retail this in the $3.50-$4 range.

What we want to know is if there's any interest from our non-con-going readers in having this comic be available through the site as well? If so, would you want to preorder it, and what is a good price? It will cost us $2.99 per issue to print the 32-page comic with any profits going toward other merchandise -- prints, Namesake bookmarks, etc. -- and helping us get out to more cons. There will be a full book 1 that we hope will come out some time within the next year. We have 108 pages of Namesake up currently.

Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments!
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