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Welcome to Calliope
Posted June 26, 2012 at 12:00 am
I've been waiting for nearly two years for this page -- the first glimpse of Calliope! It's based off an abandoned Andrew Carnegie library on Green Lane in Liverpool. My husband grew up near this library and was the one to tell me about it. Last summer, when I was visiting him before his move, we walked over to see it. There's a huge wall around the library, but we managed to find a section of the wall that crumbled away.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" My husband asked. "Maybe we should ..."

But, it turned out he was speaking to dead air, because I'd already climbed over the rubble and onto the grounds. Trepassing in the name of research.

It was absolutely beautiful. It was like crossing into Wonderland in a way. This beautiful century-old library hidden behind weeds, overgrown trees and crumbling walls. I knew beforehand, but there was no doubt when I was standing before it. This was Calliope.

Feel free to take a look at the photos I shot of the building and check out this post showing images of the interior that someone else did.

- Meg