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Valor: redux
Posted December 22, 2018 at 12:00 am

Greetings! We wanted to show off the brand new cover for the Valor 1 reprint, now known as Valor: Swords.

You can see the original cover here.

Those of you who are on our Patreon are aware that Isa injured her back several months ago, which affected the reprint. As Isa wrote:

To update you guys - you probably noticed the amount of drawing went down in terms of large illustrations. In early September I (Isa) injured my back and have gotten progressively worse, to a point where wearing a harness was needed. The issue with that is that it limited my capacity to ink for more than 2 hours without getting all stiff and shaky, which is harder on big illustrations.

Isa is slowly on the mend and is starting to do her normal work again. All of the reprint pieces are in hand and being proofed so it will go off to the presses at the beginning of the year. Since the presses aren't far from us, turnaround shouldn't take long, then we will have the rest of the Kickstarter out!

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