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The Aliceversary
Posted November 25, 2021 at 12:00 am

Every year on July 4th, Alice In Wonderland Day commemorates the date that Lewis Carroll first told his beloved story to Alice Liddell. However, here at Namesake we like to celebrate the day the original manuscript was gifted to Alice Liddell, and the day it was first published (at Macmillan, a publisher that still exists) that coincidentally are both November 26th, on different years.

Composing stories is difficult work, telling them to people (via self publishing or commercial publishing) is a feat, and having an enduring stories that branches out to inspire retellings, art, and new original work is an incredibly notable thing. Thank you Carroll, for not only telling this story to the Liddells, but also to the world, and becoming indirectly one of the official writer of this comic.


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