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Snack time
Posted June 2, 2011 at 12:00 am
Eagle-eyed readers might have spotted a new addition to the site earlier tonight -- a store for Namesake! Right now, our inventory consists of a new print of Emma and Warrick, the wallpapers we've had available for donating to the site and Isa's first book, Rose. We will be adding her just-released second book, Jabberwocky, and other items as they become available. Please let us know what you would like to see! The Emma and Warrick print will be shipped starting next Tuesday. Any sales from our little store and donations go right back into supporting the site and getting us ready to hit the con circuit.

Also, it is with great personal joy that I notice a lot of folks speculating on these past few pages. The Shrine of the Dorothies was my first major contribution to Namesake after the prologue, and it's a story I've been waiting for two years to tell. As such, if you notice me and Isa replying to comments less, it's because we don't want to accidentally spoil you. We love to see you guys speculate and discuss! We really do have the best fans. But, I do want to confirm that Emma's current adventures in Oz are just the very beginning of this fantastic ride.
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