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Posted June 23, 2011 at 12:00 am
A bit of good news for you! We have reposted the entire prologue to Namesake with new color and text. This is the version that will appear in the limited-edition print issue of the prologue and first chapter along with full printed first volume of Namesake. Want to check it out? Jump straight to the first page. The coloring was done by Isa's fantastic boyfriend Pascal Michaud. Pascal has quietly assisted Isa with coloring for awhile now, and we've been grateful for all his help.

We've been working hard on the limited-edition release, and I am pleased to announce that the pre-order is now available. This is a one-time print run as by next spring or summer, we will have the first full volume of Namesake ready for publication. We wanted to be sure to have samples of our comic at FanExpo, and this was the best way to give folks a taste of the series!

Namesake (limited edition) is a 32-page full-color magazine-sized (8.25x10.75) comic with a color cover and black-and-white interior covers. It features:
- A special cover drawn especially for this issue
- Prologue and chapter 1 of Namesake with new coloring by Pascal Michaud and redone text that matches the style of the current webcomic issue
- An entirely new cover for chapter 1
- Three pages of extras

This comic will retail for $5 in print and $2 for a CBR or PDF. Those buying the print version have the option to select autographed or non-autographed. The autographed comics will go out following FanExpo in early September. The non-autographed comics will go out as soon as I receive them.

Want to pre-order the print edition? Head on over to our store! The cover will be added as soon as it's ready.
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