Prince Chadrick of Neer
Posted October 25, 2012 at 12:00 am
Hey folks! We've got a limited number of slightly damaged Namesakes we want to offer to you guys. No, this does not mean you're going to get Jack in your mailbox. Nor Warrick, he's not even a Namesake!

These are copies of Namesake vol. 1 that are slightly damaged from the printing/shipping/Meg accidentally dropped one process. They can range from dented spines and cover edges to a couple of bends in the covers. The books, however, are perfectly readable. They just don't look as pretty as a pristine copy. They're starting to stack up around my desk, so I've thrown them on the store for $7. Why $7? That's roughly the cost of the printing/shipping of the books. I've only 27 of these, so if you want a dirt cheap copy of Namesake, click on through here! All of the copies will come with the ebook copy of Namesake, just like the full-price version.

Edit: And, we're sold out! Wow, that didn't even take half a day! I'll be packing them up over the next few days, and they'll be going out early next week!

These are not signed, but I can toss my name in there if you want. You'll have to track down Isa through a portal. But, speaking of appearances, those in the midstate Pennsylvania area can come check out the little Namesake table at Roc Con PA on Sunday! Be on the look out for River Song and Batman -- the husband and I decided to do cosplay.
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