Pre-order "Knot"
Posted March 28, 2014 at 12:00 am
So, Isa did this amazing short comic called "Knot" that you can read in its entirety on Tumblr. We were going to do a short print run for the con season, but it's proven to be so popular that we sold all our pre-orders and had to order more! So, get your copy of "Knot" now!

Oh, and there just might be a guest appearance by a certain Namesake character in "Knot." Just saying ...

Those who pre-ordered in February will see their orders go out this weekend. Hurray! Those who are in on the second round of pre-orders will have their books going out in late April/early May when the orders come back from the printer.

We also are taking pre-orders for the TCAF debut of "Silver Button."

Click here to order Knot

Click here to read Knot

Click here to order the Silver Button
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