Not enough fighters
Posted April 2, 2015 at 12:00 am
We take a leap forward in Intermission time to 1912 to explain the beginning of the Writer's Guild. We will be going back to fill in some of the time between 1877 (Intermission 3) and this one in later Intermissions. But given the events of chapter 20, this was the perfect time to explain the Writer's Guild.

For those not familiar with the history (dropped in on previous guidebook pages), Alice Liddell is now 60 years old and is the head of Calliope. She married Reginald Hargreaves in 1880 at age 28. Lewis Carroll died of pneumonia while visiting his sisters in 1898.

Also, this page marks the appearance of another one of our book 2 Kickstarter backers!
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