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No more water
Posted January 10, 2012 at 12:00 am
Good news, everybody!

Namesake is a participant again this year in the Comic Creators for Freedom, which is a campaign to stop human trafficking. With a donation, you get a custom wallpaper that includes Emma - who is being pelted by snow. Click through and help a good cause!

And thanks to all who participated in the poll. We will be opening Namesake #1 for pre-orders within the next week. As it stands, the book will collect the prologue through chapter 5. It'll be 144 pages (including several pages of extras), full color as seen in the current comic, printed on matte 80lb. stock, sewn-perfect softcover and will cost $19.95. We'll be finalizing this within the next week, but that's how it'll stand right now.  Thank you guys so much for the feedback!


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