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Just a bit queasy
Posted May 29, 2012 at 12:00 am
I just approved the sketches for the final pages of chapter 9 tonight. We have five more pages to go in this chapter.

Isa and I have also made the decision to go ahead and do another intermission chapter before chapter 10. This is the start of the third print book, and we debated back and forth a bit before deciding to keep the intermission where it is. It won't be very long, about 6-10 pages.

The Kickstarter distribution is going well, and thanks guys for using the new web store as well. It's much easier to keep track of orders! I've sent out about 60 books to date, and now that the holiday is over here, I'm sending out more. I'm seeing on Twitter where folks are starting to get them, and it's fantastic to see.