Book 3 is available in the store!
Posted September 30, 2017 at 12:00 am

Hey folks! Today's update officially announces Namesake vol. 3, alongside the hardcovers of vol. 1 and 2, in our store!

We have traded off being sick over the past couple of weeks (first Meg, then Isa), so we're adding in a couple of filler updates as we both get back on our feet. The image featured above is the hardcover for book 3!

Meg has reworked the store so that it's also easier to navigate. Each print volume is available in softcover or hardcover, and the cart will magically add the multi-volume discount if you want to get more than one volume.

You can access the print volumes directly here:

Ebooks are also available, and there just might be a few Cheshire cats looking for a new place to invade ... er a new home. That's it. New home. Uh huh.

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