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All grown up
Posted July 3, 2012 at 12:00 am
Thus ends the intermission. On Thursday, back to your regularly scheduled cliffhanger.

Meanwhile, we've purchased the printer we were talking about last week, and it was delivered tonight. I tested it out using the cover of chapter 10, and it is just gorgeous. We will be offering all of the chapter covers for sale in our store. For now, we are only offering 8x10 prints, but will be adding 13x19 and mini-prints (most likely 5x7) shortly.

We did raise the price on these prints, however the quality between the old prints made at Kinko's and the new prints made on this printer is completely different. The old prints were done on cardstock, and the new ones are done on extremely nice photo art paper. Mike and I pored over one of the older prints and the new ones, and the quality is outstanding. I'll have to post the comparison picture I sent to Isa on Twitter. We have a lot more control now and can offer you guys a much better product. I have a few ideas, including doing mini print sets that can be hung in a collage.

And, yes, we will be doing bookmarks. I'm practicing my tassel-making skills now!