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The Art of Namesake

Namesake originated in 2007 as a series of parody comics utilizing Isa’s friends known as the “Oziad” that appeared on Isa’s LiveJournal. Isa’s doppelganger in the comic would encounter Link, the basis of Warrick. Many of the characters introduced in book 1 are based off of the Oziad characters – including Anlise, Agha (known as Meg and was her doppelganger) and Renge. Other characters were a parody of the anime Slayers and from there evolved into Selva, Lina and the Scarecrow.

A portrait of Jack, Wendy and Alice, along the ongoing Oziad, prompted Meg to start bugging Isa to turn Namesake into an original story. And she kept bugging and bugging and bugging … until Namesake started to emerge in its current form throughout the later half of 2008 and 2009. Original plans for Namesake included a book written by Meg and illustrated by Isa, then a traditional print comic. In the fall of 2009, Isa and Meg decided on a webcomic and set to work on what you see now.

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